Guilin, 11 Day Bike Tour

This Guilin 11 days tour starts from Guilin and ends in Guilin, the city of Guangxi Province of southeast of China. This place is well known as Karst landscape and Li River.

Day 1

There will be city tour after the group meet after picking up at airport and checking in the hotel. Cycle along the Li River and visit Seven Stars Park, swim in the River if possible. Walk and do shopping at Zhengyang Walking Streets and visit Gold and Silver Tower.

Day 2

Drive northwest part outside of the city and start cycling in the rural area. Stay at a place without any traffic I ever know in the Rice Terrace which looks like a wedding cake.

Day 3

This stop at Sanjiang brings us into one of China’s many minority areas where the Dong people live. The distinctive Wind and Rain Bridges as well as the Drum Towers offer are unique architecture features that clearly identify each village. As we will cycle along the road will pass bamboo waterwheels working to irrigate the rice fields.

Day 4

We will cycle into the area with all the minority people live in the rural area. Many tea fields along the road we will cycle. The place we will stay is a wooden village with a river around it.

Day 5

nCycle south to Rong'an County which is the most minority place in China.

Day 6

Get through the mountain and the forest into the peaceful place which is the background of The Karst place. And make swim in the river in the afternoon.

Day 7

Cycle along the river to Yongfu which is the hometown of the Mayor of Taiwan in late Qing Dynasty.

Day 8

Cycle back to the busy place of Yangshuo where provides an opportunity to explore the Karst landscape. Explore the famous and modern town in the afternoon, and watch the show which was directed by the director who directed the Olympic Open and Close Ceremony in 2008 called “Impression Sanjie Liu”.

Day 9

It is a easy day, cycle out to visit many gorges places, Silver Cave, Moon Hills and other places which are all Karst landscape.

Day 10

30 kilometers to Xingping which was a fishing village and the former president of United States, Bill Clinton visited. And the picture of 20 Yuan of Chinese RMB from this place.

Day 11

It’s an easy day for cycling to Guilin or the airport by the back road to end the trip . On the way, there are some differences for exploring.