Nanjing — Huangshan, 10 Day Bike Tour

This 9 days tour starts from Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province of east of China, and ends in Huangshan City, the south of Anhui Province. The guide meets clients at the airport if necessary. The tour group meets in Nanjing hotel to talk about the whole trip.

Day 1

This day will be a city riding to visit the city. Cycling around the Xuanwu Lake, and hike the mountain to visit Zhongshan Ling. Riding south to explore Fuzimiao (Confusion Temple) and Yuhuatai Monument (Rain flower Platform monument). Do shopping on the walking Street to feel Chinese shopping culture.

Day 2

We will cycle out of the city in to rural area. Get into the Yangtze River area after lunch. Cycle by the Yangtze River dam in the afternoon to get a town called Xi’liangshan Town where you will feel you are foreigner. The people here never see any foreigners and gather to look at you. Here we will stay in the little guesthouse in the famous by the war.

Day 3

Cycle away the town and try to get on the road which lead us to try get away from the rail and highway. After a few kilometers cycling, we will get the place we will stay which is famous by roasted ducks as much as Beijing Ducks. This is a bigger town, we will have time to hunt the town.

Day 4

We would cycle through some villages and get on the Yangtze River and take a local ferry to go across Yangtze River. We will stay in a little town called Datong after passing a city.

Day 5

It is a small cycling day, we start to rock the road without any traffic and stay by the bottom of Jiuhua Mountain which is one of the four most famous Buddhism Mountains. We get to hike the mountain after checking in the hotel and having lunch. It could spend us the whole afternoon. The place we will spend night is a totally new village built by this mountain.

Day 6

It is a big day. We cycle by the lake of Taiping Lake which is same famous with Yellow Mountain. And stay in Tangkou where we will visit Yellow Mountain. The Yellow Mountain is famous for its Sea of Cloud, Strange Pines, Absurd Stones and Hot Spring.

Day 7

Visit the mountain and stay on the mountain over night to see sunrise. The hotel will be like dormitory with many beds in one room.

Day 8

Get back hotel and explore the town.

Day 9

Cycle to Hongcun which has one of most famous old buildings. The ancient buildings are one of the best styles in China which are on the World Cultural Heritage List.

Day 10

Cycle mostly downhill to Huangshan City and end the tour.